36610812325_b91b753c9e_k (1)What sets Charles Brown apart from other financial advisors? In a word, experience.

For more than a decade, Charles was a derivatives trader on Wall Street. The experience he gained in New York City cannot be replicated by most financial advisors. Every day for 11 years, Charles traded more than 30 financial markets around the world – simultaneously. That intense exposure has given him a unique and comprehensive understanding of financial markets, how they interact, and how they impact investors.

Consumers will come across a variety of financial advisors who believe they can deliver the best financial outcomes. Some use third-party money managers to handle their clients’ wealth. Others are doing little more than following conventional wisdom. As an independent financial advisor, Charles separates himself from the competition with his deep knowledge of the intricacies of global financial markets acquired from years working at the center of the financial universe. With this background, Charles develops a unique investment strategy for all of his clients.

A sound investment strategy is important, but being a financial advisor is about more than investing. Charles works with clients on broad financial planning and has a wide network of specialists who help coordinate tax and estate planning. He also offers input and services on insurance matters. All the while, client service is a top priority, and Charles prides himself on his deep knowledge of each client’s’ financial situation. Charles believes that accessibility and accountability are the cornerstones of a positive client experience.

With a diverse background in the financial markets and an emphasis on broad financial planning, Charles Brown is distinctively positioned to be your Trusted Advisor.